The talks program will be something close to this. Every speakfriend that came last year said that he would come back, so we took it literally and these year’s speakfriends agenda will be more like an opt-out and opt-in of friends that could not make it last year. Expect a “dynamic” program, given this is not a conf but a friends meetup without any commitment, the program might be precise just at the end of the last talk. But don`t wait, click and

We will get together in the food trucks located in the ``Parque de San Francisco`` and have a little first recognition walk in the Barrio Humedo.
Copy this link to find the place ...
Plaza Jardin de San Francisco, 1

Excmo. Sr. XXXXX , León Major, and Álex

Pilar Troncoso


Luis Meijueiro

Fundación CTIC



Divided We´ll fail: Is it possible to rebuild a crypto-community unity? How ?

Luis Vaello (Moderator)
Susanne Tarkowski
Jordi Baylina
Ale Banzas
Ramón Quesada

Álex Gómez de la Cruz

Coin Governance System



Oskar Giese

Unchain Hamburg

Ale Banzas

RSK Labs

Jose Antonio Rodríguez




Carlos Buendía


Jordi Baylina

Enrique Melero (Moderator)
Oskar Giese
Jan Keil
Luis Meijueiro
Jesús Herencia

Adriá Massanet


Adrián Calvo

Coin Governance System

Jori Armbruster

Ethic HUB

Barrio Humedo

Music, magic and fire in this very special night

Find Studio54 here
Burgo Nuevo, 18,

Vojtech Simetka

Gordon Einstein
The CryptoLawyer


José Lindo / Pedro López

Climate Coin

Marina Solanas
Gabriela Chang
Jacob Piotrowski
Vojtech Simetka
Alex Casas (moderator)

Álex Casas


17:00 (After having Lunch)


Some free riders still around might take a 20 minutes train to make a little nature trip to La Xana de Torio in Pedrún village. Stay tuned in our telegram group.

La Xana de Torio
Nature, ludic activities, local delicatessen, and maybe a bit of open air coding

24th is SanJuantosji day, what better than breathing some fresh air.

We will figure something out, but due to space limitations speakfriends have priority for this day, although the nonofficial program ends with the SanJuantoshi night, everybody is free to jump in the cryptotrain too