This is the definitive NON agenda , don’t be surprised by changes, given this is not a conf but a friends meetup without any commitment, the program might be precise just at the end of the last talk.

From 20:30 we will get together in the food trucks located in the ``Parque de San Francisco`` and have a little first recognition walk in the Barrio Humedo.

Copy this link to find the place ...
Plaza Jardin de San Francisco, 1

Eduardo Antuña


Ismael Arribas




If no one has the truth why there are coin tribes?

Moderator : Álex Casas
Ramón Quesada
Ana Lua Dutka -Chirichetti
Luis Vaello
Roberto Santacroce

Gustavo Segovia

Carlos Kuchkovski


Vojtech Simetka

blockchain 4 Humanity

Andrés Berdasco

The Teloscope (Fundación CTIC)

Grace Torrellas

blockchain 4 Humanity



Is Libra a crypto, is it good for Crypto?

Moderator: Jesús Herencia
Alfre Mancera
Jan Keil
Roberto Santacroce

Jana Petkanic

Solange Gueiros

Atlas Project

Jesús Pérez


Oleksii Matiiasevych


Adrián Calvo


Carlos Buendía

Helena Network

21:30 Tapas Time

Enjoy León Delicas!!

Tapas and Barrio Humedo are waiting for you!

Speakfriends have dinner in the Restaurante Mercado de Varillas in Calle Varillas 3 at 21:30

Pablo López




Coalition4GOOD: How best to achieve SDGs realization with the support of emerging tech

Moderator : Grace Torrellas
Jana Petkanic
Gustavo Segovia
Solange Gueiros
Francisco Benedito
Gabriela Chang
Guillermo Goncalves

Álex Casas
At the end of the 25 minutes talk, we will take some photos and properly close the talks, before eating at 14:30


After the lunch, there will be some free time until the SanJuanToshi Night !!!

Courtesy of Leon Townhall, speaksfriends will meet at 18:20 in Plaza de San Marcelo to jump into León's touristic (crypto) train and will have a pleasant guided tour in the city
We will have dinner at the restaurante Castrillo in the Plaza Mayor


Prepare for the fayaaaaaah!!!!!

Find Studio54 here
C/ Burgo Nuevo, 18,

La Xana de Torio (Pedrún de Torío)
Nature, ludic activities, local delicatessen, and maybe a bit of open air coding

24th is SanJuantosji day, what better than breathing some fresh air.

We will figure something out, but due to space limitations speakfriends have priority for this day, although the nonofficial program ends with the SanJuantoshi night, everybody is free to jump in the cryptotrain too

Feve old train station

We will meet at C/ Padre Isla 48 in the FEVE old train station


We will do some hiking in the surroundings

The Solomones brothers

After eating we will enjoy some nice music

At 20:00 we will take the train back to León

This is the OPEN non CONF program. An introductory day, open, free and in Spanish with its focus on companies and merchants adoption.

Lander Rubio


Sergio Soriano / Borja Lanza


Luis Meijueiro

Fundación CTIC

Alfre Mancera / Javier Pastor

Bit2Me/ Tikebit

Luis Vaello


Jose Herranz / Yintao

Crown Platform

Carlos Callejo


Jordan Sorensen