Time to get together and enjoy, again…

Hack and Walk!

Introducing the SSH protocol. Soft Social Hacking. We code around blockchain 4 good but take some time to enjoy the mountains with trips, to get really carnivore ( also veg) around typical products, or to have some drinks while listening to some music...

Best location

An old train station in the mountains 24 kms from León is now our hacking and meeting spot... The station now is a nature center, with bar / restaurant / hostel and concert hall and it is ran by someone very trusted 😉

Minimum org maximum joy

This happening is more ``NON`` than never, no tickets, no closed agenda, surprise announcement, just drop by on Friday 5th to the CryptoStation and let us let it flow. Hacking, workshops presentations and whatever that anyone and the people it is up to. We have mics, projector and chairs...do you have something to tell ;)) ???

Unknown speakers

No clue about who will be coming 😉 We have had so lucky to have met some of the most brilliant minds, and big hearts, in the blockchain space. Anyone to give a surprise??

Buidl together

The NON central Hack proposes to build an MVP of an open sourced money making software for social good. Some of you might be familiar with it, it is called Shelpin and it is participating in the Blockternship Hackathon run by Giveth, Aragon or Status amongst other Ethereum superstars. Blockternship finishes right on those dates.

And it is so easy to drop by

Two hours train from Madrid and planes from Barcelona. It is really easy to get to León, and there is a train that brings you to Pedrun in half an hour, we will also have cars available (24kms) and , aren´t you already bored of attending blockchain events in ``one known,known all`` big cities??? This is NON central, in the Mountains


The station counts with a hostel with 11 people capacity and there is plenty of cheap rural houses in the surroundings of Pedrún de Torío.

Non Schedule

The whole agenda will be self managed there, more non than ever!!

How we will spend time?

How will we spend time?

Hacking around Shelpin and other blockchain 4 humanity challenges, round tables and debates, demos and workshops , dappnode install party , pitches and  presentations, cryptohiking, carnivore behaving, karaoke, drinking and dancing…maybe some sleeping… All you guys and ladies that wanna join us decide together with us…

The money thing

This is an inclusive event, and get in mind that we are all making a pot for a blockchain party ;)

We pay for our expenses, everything is quite cheap there, but the hackathon participants are all in invited!!

San Froichain calming down wolves

San Froilán is one of the beloved saints of León, and last year we celebrated San Froichain. It was epic so we had to do something about it…

This year we digged in why that Froilán guy was ever made a saint, and one of the miracles that he is believed to have made is to serenate a wolf that was attacking his donkey, Froilán whispered the wolf some peace and love words and the wolf calmed down and started to be his loyal companion.

…So our best idea was to surprisingly “organize” this Anarckathon / non event at  the end of the Blockternship distributed hackathon, to help out to open source develop Shelpin and Dappnode, and calm down wolves.

With Shelpin we want to start a global welfare recirculation machine DAO, and calm down the wolves, and that is why we invite you to hack around this quixotic idea in San Froichain … any other other blockchain 4 goood ideas to develop??cool !!! As Blockchain 4 humanity, we can propose some challenges and support too. Let us buidl something really meaningful in the mountains!

Here you have the Shelpin repo under the blockternship organization in Github.

But as there are many wolves to calm and we have very near one of the most awesome projects in the space  now, we will also hack around the self owned infrastructure network that Dappnode brings to the table.

Dappnode makes easy fore very user to run and host their own nodes and dapps with a plug and play server. It iis based on Ubuntu and it seamlessly connects you and your trusted ones to the decentralized web. To achieve a truly censorship resistant network we can´t rely on centralized parties  and points of failure-censorhip, but to enjoy a fully functional web in a decentralized way  without the services of third parties still presents some challenges that we want to face there.

The location

Here, you will find directions to the conference venue. More space to meet and network!

The venue

Estacion de la Feve de Pedrún de Torío, León



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