Time to get together and enjoy, again…

Hack and Walk!

Introducing the SSH protocol. Soft Social Hacking. We code around blockchain 4 good but take some time to enjoy the wonderful Sevilla. to get really carnivore ( also veg) around typical products, or to have some drinks while listening to some music...

Best location

Sevilla, what else...?

Collaborative Hackathon

This is a NON HACKATHON so there is no competition but collaboration and experimentation. Stay tuned!

Unknown mentors

No clue about who will be coming 😉 We have had so lucky to have met some of the most brilliant minds, and big hearts, in the blockchain space. Anyone to give a surprise??

Buidl together

The NON central Hack proposes to build on an open sourced money making software for social good. Some of you might be familiar with it, it is called Shelpin, but lots of stuff and new challenges will be coming out

The location

The place




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