Time to get together and enjoy

Best location

First parlamentary courts in History took place in Le贸n, the holy grail is said to be here, how could we miss blockchain...? So we have been working the last two years in building an ecosystem here, and this NON central CONF is an open invitation from our humble community to come , share and party together in an amazingly beautiful historic city filled with blockchainers.

Meet friends

More than a conf this is an open invitation to all the amazing people we have met in our blockchain journey last two years to meet in Le贸n, and have fun while sharing knowledge, and also a meeting point of different spanish meetups and people that only met virtually, and get together as well with international cryptofreaks

Good time

Ok, We are planning some talks, but we are really planning is in you spending an unforgettable weekend in such a magic and special city as Le贸n. Remember this is a NON CONF... 馃槈

Greatest speakers

Let us take it a bit serious, we have had so lucky to have met some of the most brilliant minds, and big hearts, in the blockchain space and they will be in Le贸n enlightening us with their wisdom and experience. From the community to the community.


The NON central CONF is not a ICO麓s shop window, it is a divulgative, non-profit event with the objective of raising blockchain technology knowledge, awareness and successful use cases, strengthen links between different communities and #BUIDL

And it is so easy to drop by

Two hours train from Madrid and planes from Barcelona and very likely discount codes availability. It is really easy to get to Le贸n, and , aren麓t you already bored of attending blockchain events in ``one known,known all`` big cities???This is NON central


Le贸n is in holiday so there is a lot of people coming, we recommend to book a bed asap, and we have preblocked some rooms with special prices in three hotels. you can check them in the link.