Best location

First parlamentary courts in History took place in León, the holy grail is said to be here, we could not miss this party...? So we have been working the last four years in building a strong ecosystem here, and this NON central CONF is an open invitation from our humble community to come, share and party together in an amazingly beautiful historic city filled with bitcoiners, ethereans, blockchainers... sadly this year we won't have any koala 🐨 😢

Meet & make friends

More than a conf this is an open invitation to all the amazing people we have met in our blockchain journey last four years to meet in León, and have fun while sharing knowledge, and also a meeting point of different spanish meetups and people that only met virtually, and get together with international cryptofreaks.

Good time

Ok, We are planning some talks, but what we are really planning is you spending an unforgettable weekend in such a magic and special city as León. Remember this is a NON CONF... 😉 well actually half a NON CONF, and as we wont`t half the days, we have to double the joy!!

Greatest SpeakFRIENDS

Let us take it a bit serious, we have had so lucky to have met some of the most brilliant minds, and big hearts, in the blockchain space and they will be in León enlightening us with their wisdom and experience. From the community to the community.


The NON central CONF is not a ICO´s shop window, it is a divulgative, non-profit event with the objective of raising blockchain technology knowledge, awareness and successful use cases, strengthen links between different communities and #BUIDL

And it is so easy to drop by

Two hours train from Madrid and planes from Barcelona and very likely discount codes availability. It is really easy to get to León, and , aren´t you already bored of attending blockchain events in ``one known, known all`` big cities? After the event there are so many interesting (coast) places to visit and chill. Yes, bring your family if you feel like.

Non Agenda

A Non Agenda is a self living organism till the conference. A schedule at a glance is listed below. We will be updating this section as soon as changes are made

The money thing

Prices, revenues for contributions, and costs , are transparently managed to set up the lowest possible #nontickets price. This is an inclusive event, think that we are all making a pot for an epic blockchain party ;) And at the end we share.

Food for thought and stomach!
Access to all talks
Coffee breaks
Friday and Saturday Lunch
Drinks at the non official party
Special POAP
Full experience mode on!
Everything included in the NonTicket
Dinners with Speakfriends on Friday and Saturday
Trip and entrance to the Valporquero Rabbit Hole
Lunch, dinner and camp party on Sunday Oct 1st
for medium/big teams
/ user / monthGet Started
Business pack
Quality & Customer Experience
Dedicated Account Manager
Configurable Call Recording
Tight IVR/ACD Integration
Routing Using Full Context
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